A bear by name, not by nature

Víkingur 100 ára

vrijdag, april 04, 2003

Friday evening and the place is rocking. Well as rocking as it can from a small tinny speaker on a laptop. Filed my taxes, a day late. Still haven't done mum's but her deadline's Monday. Should be a nice quiet weekend for the first time a few weeks, only big thing is turning over the bin-dipping, granny-stabbing Scousers when they come hubcap-a-stealing down the M62. Saint Michael of Much Diving may be out. Poor lad.
Anyway after the lunchtime match is over all that remains to do over to do is to do some cleaning and tidying in the flat, and drop into work for some weekend-tidy-up-loose-ends.
Blogger doesn't know how to publish the right time. On this entry page i see the previous entries with the right time stamp, but haven't yet figured out which time option in settings to choose, since the GMT-London one (quite rightly) moves it over to BST. Which means my EOB (end of birthday) entry is moved to the third. Diiiiisaster.
I promise I'll get the photos from Denmark on the web this weekend. And finish the travelogue.