A bear by name, not by nature

Víkingur 100 ára

zondag, mei 25, 2003

Quiet weekend. Friday night there was the reunion. It was much fun. As usual though, having a few drinks was a guarantee for only sleeping less than three hours. Understandably Saturday was quiet *grin*. For Eurovision I went to the Vikingur clubhouse last night. Left as soon as the contest finished, but it looked like things were getting lively, most of the handball teams (men's and women's) were there and ready to have a good time. Good for morale I should think. As for the contest, it was a pretty good result. Would've preferred Belgium to win but Turkey's was v.good. Austria's result was fab, still hasn't got that joke and still doesn't understand it's appeal. Poor dumb sods. I liked t.A.T.u's song.
Latest news have it that it's being checked whether the Turkish entry is a plagiarization, and also the introduction by the Norwegian and Swedish commentators. According to the Norwegian the Swedish entry had the charisma of an IKEA bookshelf, and the Swede claimed the Norwegian entry sounded like a hissing bicycle pump. So much for the 'Scandinavian Block'. Anyway TV commentators are now banned from comments that can influence the televoting. Does Terry Wogan know?
Am making good inroads in The Scar and the 6th season of Buffy on DVD. Good to see that in proper quality, as opposed to the downloads. Today I looked in on work as well, and then it was the intra-company indoor football competition. I got to play for a few minutes.