A bear by name, not by nature

Víkingur 100 ára

donderdag, mei 29, 2003

Day off. Not enjoying it a lot but it's much needed. The ribs are seriously acting up. It's been almost two weeks of aching now. Still got a sore throat too. Despite all this I went for a longish walk downtown. Managed to walk some sidestreets in the old Easttown that I didn't know existed (Válastígur) Met an old classmate from Hagaskóli (1981-4) and went again with the 'There's really going to be a reunion soon, this autumn even' I keep promising this *grin* I think I'll even manage to organise it.
Going to work soon, gonna get some Excel magics working before the four o'clock meeting of the whole new department, making sure everything is in the right place before tomorrow morning.