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Víkingur 100 ára

dinsdag, april 01, 2003

Have decided to post the Copenhagen story in bits. it's shaping up to be a long one... Not much today. Work was a bit nutty due to April Fools'. Which is good. Because that means tomorrow's tomorrow *grin*. Now for some of that travel story:
Copenhagen March 21-24. Flew to Copenhagen in the morning, landing at 11.40 local time, and thanks to only having a carry-on bag, was at the Hovedbanegård (train station) in the city centre at 12. My very good friend and host, Þórmundur met me there a little later and we took off into the city. We had booked 'frokost', a Danish lunch at Huusmanns Vinstue at 1.30 and used the time until then to walk around and see some houses important to Icelandic history, the house where Jónas Hallgrímsson lived for the last year of his life, breaking his leg coming home from the pub one night and dying 4 days later. Also the house where Baldvin Einarsson, a caller for independence in the 1820s died in '32 after a candle set fire to his bed. The latter was in the same street as Husmanns, so it was a short way to some very nice herring, oxmeat and beer.
After lunch we continued along Icelanders' footsteps, seeing the university and university campus, the Rundetårn and ending out on Kongens Nytorv plaza. From then it was time to take the train out to the suburbs and relax a bit before a late dinner and some quality catching up with my friends.
Friday was a bit chilly, but Saturday was downright freezing. We made our way into the city centre early, this time it was time to walk the main shopping street, Strøget. We had vague plans to watch the United-Fulham match if we found a pub showing it. After a couple of failed attempts we found one and welcomed the diversion from the cold. United winning 3-0 didn't hurt either. Then it was off home to get ready for going out to dinner at the Restaurant Gråbrødretorv 21. Fantastic food in a traditional Danish way. Another late night at home talking.