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Víkingur 100 ára

zaterdag, maart 15, 2003

Just back from seeing Daredevil at the end of a pretty good day, good sleeping, including an extra couple of hours in late morning, so not me, some Angel goodness, a United win in the early afternoon, bringing a cake (bought in a bakery, I may be a good cook, but a hopeless baker) to mum'n'aunt's for afternoon coffee, watching Arsenal lose while doing mum's taxes (the former more than making up for the latter), then steak'n'beer at TGI's at a mall before going to see Daredevil. I think that proves the case for daygoodness, don't you think?
Daredevil's a good movie, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's a comic book movie so don't expect Dogma style realism or anything, but it's great fun. It looks good and sounds good. I'm not feeling as enthusiastic about it as I did when coming home from seeing Spiderman, but since I'm now watching Spiderman again (didn't finish watching a few nights back and when Angel came he usurped Spidey's place in the DVD player) I have a feeling that DD might have a bit more re-watch power. Kirsten Dunst edges it over Jennifer Garner, but only just.
For those who want me to be more artistic in my movie going, I'm planning to see The Hours, and possibly About Schmidt. Gangs of New York and Chicago are also on the possibly list. Maybe I'll manage a movie-going-week, haven't gone to the movies since TTT disappointed me.