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Víkingur 100 ára

zondag, april 13, 2003

I should've said something about this before, but when I've remembered I've basically been lost for words. In Neil Gaiman's journal I found a link. Theresa Nielsen Hayden says basically what I would like to say.
I just posted this link on irc, and a friend said "That's from before they set fire to the library, I take it?" He heard it on Dutch radio. It makes me want to cry. Apparantly the library in q. is the Iraqi National Library and National Archives according to a Dutch newspaper website. Cheers Dubya, by ineffective warfare you're enabling the Iraqis to destroy what little there is left of culture there. You rock man. You rock.
*laugh* ok something to cheer me up. Some poor girl (12-13 year old i'd guess) on TV is choosing between Ararat and Narodnaja as the resting place for Noah's Ark. And she needs a phone call. And her friend says Narodnaja. You just *have* to laugh.