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Víkingur 100 ára

zondag, april 13, 2003

The weekend is nearing its end and as usual there's quite a lot of stuff I was going to do that I haven't done yet. Flat is looking a bit tidier though and there are still a few hours left. FA Cup Semi-finals went according to League positions. Boring.
Harry Potter is on TV next Saturday. On the RÚV open state channel no less. Stöð 2, the pay TV channel seems really to be losing it...
I've actually been to Eric Meyer's css/edge before but I really think I'll do something about it now. The Lair's due a redesign anyway.
Finally. Damn You Abacus. Iain (M.) Banks' publisher has changed the format of his books. Dead Air is very different from the format I have all his books in (b/w for 'real' fiction, colour for SF). *grr* I hate it when publishers do that. Sue Grafton's publishers did that with her last. *snf* I love having a series on my shelves that add to the look of the shelf and are a whole, rather than a jumble.