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Víkingur 100 ára

zondag, juli 20, 2003

Víkingur lost 0-1 in the cup, thanks to a not-shown red card, not-given penalty, and a gift of a penalty. Since it's bad form to blame the referee and call him names, all I will say is that I think that that referee probably won't get cancer of the prostate, given the latest news from the medical world

vrijdag, juli 18, 2003

Another good day yesterday. And a new weekend starts in only a few hours.

woensdag, juli 16, 2003

Hottest day of the summer so far, 19°C. Left work asap, and managed a walk downtown before going to cousin's for an informal barbeque and then off to see Víkingur beat Afturelding very easily 3-0. Quarter finals of the cup on Sunday, should be a lot harder. All in, a very nice day.

zondag, juli 13, 2003

Weekend over.

I just rolled up the blind in my living room. Since this is something that necessitates going climbing up on and perching on a sofa and manually rolling it up due to the spring being broken, it's something I don't do often. It'll probably stay up for months now. One reason I hadn't done it yet was that I knew I needed to wash the window. And I washed the window. It's still grey and miserable outside, but at least the neighbours (30? metres away) can now see me.
Weekend over. Want another. I finished Iain Banks's Dead Air. You get what you expect from Banks: Something fantastic. I also slept a lot, and went to a 50th birthday party.

zaterdag, juli 12, 2003

Ekki sá duglegasti í blogginu þessa vikuna. Fór að mestu í vinnu og bókalestur, fékk fyrrnefndan bókapakka frá amazon og er kominn á 3ju bók.
Það er að nálgast nýtt handknattleikstímabil og stjórnarstörf hjá handknattleiksdeildinni í Víkingi farin að taka meiri tíma. Glæsilegt að fá Bjarka Sig heim til að klára ferilinn.
Fór á Víking - Keflavík í gær með fyrrverandi vinnufélaga. Það er orðið ansi langt síðan ég hef séð Víkingsliðið spila jafn þétta og stífa vörn og miðju og það gegn toppliðinu í deildinni. Fyrri umferðin búin og allt er mögulegt og svo 8liða úrslit í bikarnum gegn kA um næstu helgi.

zaterdag, juli 05, 2003

Nothing much been happening recently. Eye is healing nicely. Went back to work Monday and have spent the week working, reading (including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and sleeping some very odd hours.
Yesterday had great weather. By evening it was totally still and I went downtown at around 10.30 and hit a couple of bars. The night was one of those you get here about once a year. No wind, gorgeous sunset and around 15°C. Came back and spent a little more time on mp3 tags before adding more songs to the iPod. Finally to bed at around 2, and went on with the once-a-year theme by sleeping until 11.
Today's weather was as nice as it could be without sun and drops of rain. I wandered downtown, had a nice coffee and back home again in time for my friend Þórmundur to drop by for a visit. He's here for a holiday, living in Copenhagen.
Gave in to the wishlist which had been blinking at me seductively for a while. Getting 10 books on Tuesday. Including Bujold's latest Miles Vorkosigan book, and Jason Fforde's Well of Lost Plots. Big dilemma which one I start on. I think Miles will win